My heart hurts and I want to cry

Time and time and time again.


“I went out dressed”, “I drove to somewhere that wasn’t too busy” “I dared to look at the make up counter”


Time and time and time and time again.


When a woman wants to wear trousers, this is equality.

When a man wants to wear a dress he needs to see a psychiatrist.


The transgender community in general is neither use nor ornament… the transgender communitie(s), communities, because their are a few of them and beleive me, two groups rarely meet, imagine school girl cliques.


The transgender community behaves like the Tory party….. Well I managed to do it, so you can too, you just have to toughen up! :aghast:

I cannot live with the world like this.


My mission is not to save myself. My mission has to be to ……


Like this, I’m not the crazy one, The world is the crazy one, I need to change peoples attitudes.

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