Transitioning due to transitioning

Transitioning is difficult, but no so much within itself, but within the rigid set up we have in society, gender carries such strong conatations for men and women, at times these are negative, at times positive,  but rarely are they chosen, rather we are told, rather it is implied, women would do this, men would do that, it’s all back to front, it needs to be the individuals choice, of what feels good for them, and we really need to get over this gender crisis, yes a gender crisis, not “Men struggle in todays world”, not women struggle in todays world”, but that we all need to chill out, we are human beings, silly, kooky, individuals with individual needs, not some massive ant colony where certain sections are workers, others potential queens.

For somebody to transition m2f or f2m there are likely other transitions new job, new friends. New regimes, new places where they can feel safe, new bank details, new passport details, why the exra fuss?

Transitioning is an issue, but more it is an issue compounded by social constructs.

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