9 out of 10 men prefer wearing trousers

Lies, damn lies and statistics

Communication, and as humans, we generally wear clothes, and so clothes become a form of communication, and so we say if you’re born with a vagina then you can wear skirts, dresses, trousers, indeed you have freedom to communicate, and then don’t worry about the guy who likes what you’re saying but you won’t communicate with him…. So men are frustrated when it comes to communication, because if you’re born with a penis you only like wearing trousers and top…. but why? who tells you? Your Dad or your mum? or society…



wait a second…. Why is anybody telling you what you can or can’t wear? are they fascists? are they excited because we all know communication is important and they are trying to frustrate your communication, ahhhh, well, now… hold on…. Men don’t like communicating!!!! Wahhhhhhhh


Men don’t like communicating, men don’t like wearing dresses?!?!?!?!?!?



Who gives a **** what you think men do or don’t like.


You have nothing to do with this conversation, you took yourself out of this conversation a long long time ago, and you are dead, you are the Dodo and I have no interest in rescuing you.


You accept the smothering of mens freedom of expression, you tell men what they’re like, what they like, then men play up to the stereotypes, then you point the finger at men and decide that they’re all bad.


You are nothing to do with anything, you are blind and dumb and I am embarrassed to exist anywhere near you.


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