Do I blog about being trans?

I don’t know if I do…. I write on forums sometimes…


All my blogs start with “At Work”, as I came out at work and it has firmly remained my most open playground.


Responses have been largely positive 🙂


My favourite is from an Indian woman, who’s a manager and she is… well she comes accross youthful, she wears rather blingy thingy’s. She has moved department and has come to where I work, and their are just awkdard moments, not really the trans thing at all, but just when two people are not overly familiar with each other yet, and she keeps appearing from around the corner and so jokingly I said, “Hey! you keep watching me”, she took it serious, I smiled and said, no, I just wish we were busier and I put my arm around her as we walked along and the we disengaged the arm around the shoulder and went about our business.


There was no asking of awkward questions, just a really simple easy to work with working relationship… I respect her and she shows respect towards me 🙂



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