Dancing on the tables

Dancing 🎶 on the tables
In my gold glittering pumps
Down at the Lexo!
Dancing 🎶 on the tables
Swinging from the gables
Having a whale 🐳
Down at the Lexo
Down at the Lexo

In my dreams

Truth is I’m a shadow passing through life
Only Such a life in my imagination


Unreasonable Government

They won’t listen and so we shout
Then if they do nothing unless
their claim we defame
When those in power are the destabilising
inflamatory rhetoricing
servants of fear and scare mongering
then we reclaim the centre ground
guilty they have been found
take them apart and let them smart
remove the power from the middling indignation mongers
They say oil, we say no fracking way
green and pleasant land, yeah right
green glow of stinking nuclear power
& pleasant only for the public school educated tax dogers