Fashion dictionary

Ankle ruff: The frill around the top of some ankle socks

Chest warmer: A soft non wired bra or crop top

Ear Jangles: Long earings

Face caterpillars: Eyebrows xx

Frippery: Used to describe, lightweight clothing, something you might wear on really hot days, loose fitting that lets the breeze travel through

Hat Hair: When you have been wearing a hat and it has made your hair go “Flat” “Lank”

Hair Furniture: Hairbands, hair clips, hats, etc

Knee support: Can be a specific knee support bandage, can also be over the knee socks

Leg clothes/Leg clothing: Tights, leggings, trousers, leg warmers etc

Mouth spread: lipstick

Nonger sandals: Clumpy sandals

Pyjamas: Any clothes only worn indoors, usually loose fitting

Party pyjamas: Silk dress, something worn for a party, but not for everyday outdoor wear

Quilt cover: A large coat for when it’s very cold outside

Runners: Shoes/pumps/trainers that we can run in

Rain kit: Rain hat, umberella, wellies, sowester, rain cape, etc

Shin kissers: short socks that just reach the ankles

Shin shirkers: Trousers that are 3/4 length







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