Because women know everything and men are all monsters

The problem is not just can women wear trousers, but more that men can not have feelings. Men are taught, bullied, they do not have feelings, feelings are a bad thing, a man with feelings is a bad thing, a self fulfilling prophecy, whereby men are forced to suppress thier feelings, then the feelings come out in uncontrolable bursts, and the men are all monsters camp wins another victory.


If we don’t allow boys to explore sensuality, then we will end up with a bunch of monsters, we have ended up with a bunch of monsters because boys are not encouraged to explore thier sensuality.


women are every bit as much to blame as men, women are every bit as sexist as men.


A better life for Aurelie

A better life, for Aurelie

I was there,

How to help, it’s intense trying to support, trying to communicate

Feeling an overwhelming lack of control

Support network such an odd term

If you don’t know where I am

If I’m too ashamed to explain

If I don’t know how to explain

Come with me, into my world, it has some fun

Excitement, of not knowing for quite sure, that you belong

Trying to tune into coherency, sobriety

Always struggling to remember the lyrics, to the tune, to the song

It takes so much effort, just to be clear, to stay strong

I was there, in my life

Struggling, lost, twas not nice

Try to focus on job role, on purpose

You gotta get something to focus, in yer life

What’s wrong with Facebook

This is about social media; not just Facebook.

Facebook….. what’s right with facebook would be a short list.


There are boxes on Facebook… text boxes…. and then there are a hundred thousand people, but worse, there’s companies, all vying to shout through those text boxes, to shout at you, and what are they shouting? Blah blah blah blah

There are no flower boxes? No window boxes? I am just sitting with an endless stream of dirge, like I am sitting in a little shak at the edge of a motorway with a hundred million yahoo’s driving past…… Why?

I want a little neighbourhood, a small cafe to sit in and chat with friends, I want to walk along the road when I choose, and say hey! Look, there’s ManRepellers house, I knock on their door and the door opens; “Adrian! Welcome!, come in we have so much to gossip about, rainy weather clothes, Hair fashion, and more!!!”


I look on your coffee table, have a virtual drink and read the Man Repeller magazine, with a little notepad at the side where I can leave comments.


Why….. oh why… are there not fancy curtains at the sides on social media????!?!?!?!?!?!? and when You start up the curtains open and then when you finish you close the curtains.


I want flowers, I want an attractive living environment, I want a fashion wardrobe and a virtual me avatar at the side.


why are computers dead and rubbish? I don’t know the answer.


no music system? at the side and we select music to listen to…

Fashion dictionary

Ankle ruff: The frill around the top of some ankle socks

Chest warmer: A soft non wired bra or crop top

Ear Jangles: Long earings

Face caterpillars: Eyebrows xx

Frippery: Used to describe, lightweight clothing, something you might wear on really hot days, loose fitting that lets the breeze travel through

Hat Hair: When you have been wearing a hat and it has made your hair go “Flat” “Lank”

Hair Furniture: Hairbands, hair clips, hats, etc

Knee support: Can be a specific knee support bandage, can also be over the knee socks

Leg clothes/Leg clothing: Tights, leggings, trousers, leg warmers etc

Mouth spread: lipstick

Nonger sandals: Clumpy sandals

Pyjamas: Any clothes only worn indoors, usually loose fitting

Party pyjamas: Silk dress, something worn for a party, but not for everyday outdoor wear

Quilt cover: A large coat for when it’s very cold outside

Runners: Shoes/pumps/trainers that we can run in

Rain kit: Rain hat, umberella, wellies, sowester, rain cape, etc

Shin kissers: short socks that just reach the ankles

Shin shirkers: Trousers that are 3/4 length