Where do I get support from?


My parents? No (They don’t know)

Women’s groups… more… sympathy than you might expect, but support; nothing really tangible.

Trans groups, I need Trans support groups like I need a hole in the head. I’ve found that the groups themselves are devisive, concentrated on a few individuals who gain “Support” within the group, their words are then gospel. These groups come and go, check back 6 months later and it’s somebody else getting the approval rating. Trans groups have little if any cohesion, they’re voice say one thing… this week, another thing the next.

Men, again, more support than you’d expect, and certainly some affirming positive support.


Support from the NHS…. , long waiting times, my appointment cancelled and rebooked, but another 6 month wait, no local support, doctors surgery somewhat cloak and dagger about the whole thing.


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