Moonday howling

Working the weekend
Followed by weekday trudgery
I say “Life’s not so bad”
though it’s not all that I’d have hoped it to be
I hear howling
I want to know prowling
like Jenny Agutter
nursing the freak
Moonday howling
Moonday cowling
Hiding from reality
The beast within becomes a reality



I’m not a shouty person
in fact I’m really quite
annonymously quiet
yes, despite my social media
being full on… and at times trite
I really can’t explain quite fully
what happens in a crowd
Voices become indistinct
and into myself I begin to shrink
you see me sitting in a corner
Naturally blocking out 75% of the crowd
And then only conversation 1 on 1
Thank you to my freinds who know me
Who work around my foibles
Sorry this poem doesn’t rhyme in full
these words come out in fits and bursts
it’s all just really quite volitial


We got some chicks
Who sway their hips
We got some chicks
Who like fashion and parties
And pretty scarves around thier necks

We don’t want no dyf’s, that’s code for no dalliance, hedonist.
We want some singing some music
Afternoon tea, a game of chess

Cos we’re here & we’ve got some girls
Who like wear their hair in curls
We like music and fashion
We are culture with a hat on
Time for society to latch on


Please, just show us some respect
Admirers, ok, but don’t forget
You’ll do better if you flatter our intelect
Please, just show us some respect

Same goes for, the wider, public
Don’t just, imagine us seedy and winswept
It’s not as though, we’re gonna reject
Your feelings, we just ask for respect

Imaging all the world’s learned
Despots come and go
But on life turns
Revolving and purely concerned
With that what works
Stupidity spurned

So please just show us some respect
Don’t just imagine us seedy and windswept
It’s not as though we’re gonna reject
Your feelings, we just ask for respect



Where do I get support from?


My parents? No (They don’t know)

Women’s groups… more… sympathy than you might expect, but support; nothing really tangible.

Trans groups, I need Trans support groups like I need a hole in the head. I’ve found that the groups themselves are devisive, concentrated on a few individuals who gain “Support” within the group, their words are then gospel. These groups come and go, check back 6 months later and it’s somebody else getting the approval rating. Trans groups have little if any cohesion, they’re voice say one thing… this week, another thing the next.

Men, again, more support than you’d expect, and certainly some affirming positive support.


Support from the NHS…. , long waiting times, my appointment cancelled and rebooked, but another 6 month wait, no local support, doctors surgery somewhat cloak and dagger about the whole thing.


:Not Finished:

Problem is… you’re just not “There”

Freedom Equality, freedom equality, freedom equality…


In what way?


A bloke is “Allowed” to wear a dress… a bloke is “Allowed” to wear women’s clothing…


Why the fuck is it women’s clothing?


My trans status is my trans status and the last thing on this planet I need is your blessing, that goes for women, for men, for feminists, for the gay community, and FFS the Trans community too.

What I do need is some respect…. Yes!


Aretha wanted it in the times of the feminist movement.


Erasure wanted it in the times of the Gay movement.


Now I want it in the times of the Trans movement xx