Why do men visit prostitutes

Men visit prostitues because… they want sex? because they want power over women? Because it’s a culturally accepted norm???

Men use prostitues in order to “Feel”, in order to explore emotions, because in real life we know, “Boy’s don’t cry”, Men wear trousers, not frilly dresses, Men like fighting ?!?!?!?!?! (WTAF! Where the fuck does that come from????????? ),


Men like to feel emotions, and yet through oppression by women, whilst Men are boys, boy’s grow up to become repressed Men.


Men objectify Women, because that’s the only thing they’re allowed to do, they can’t socialise with them when young, Mothers tell thier daughters not to hang around with rough boys, the boy comes home with cuts and bruises, he’s ashamed and cannot open up, “Oh boy’s they’re always fighting”, the reality is that he was beaten up, for being gay, for standing up for a girl, for any excuse the bullies could find.

Men objectify women and then they open the head and start placing inside the hollow female shell all the emotions they’re not allowed to feel in real life, the hurt, the love of lace and silk, the indescribable feeling of repression/oppression, thier frustration at thier own lack of social skills because all they’ve ever had is put downs and violence, thier knowing that only women can be sexually desirable, that men are ugly troll monsters, worse yet that men are pureley gangsters, or soldiers.


boys and Men want freedom to explore emotions and life, evidenced by;


The Royal Ballet for 100 years consistenly had many more Girls/Women apply than Men, after the film Billy elliot was released, for the first time in a hundred years the Royal Ballet recieved more applications from Boys/Men.


Where did all these boys/men come from? They there always. They exist.

What would’ve happened to these boys/men if Billy Eliiot hadn’t been released? They’d have been repressed individuals.


Repression is evil. Women are evil personified. Women must stop repressing young boys. Women are stupid and do not even know what they want, they want equality? and equality means they can wear dress, skirt, trousers, cullottes, high heel shoes, flat shoes, in fact, in women’s minds equality means nothing more than “Women get freedom, whilst Men get told who they are, whilst Men get told what they want” and Women say Men don’t grow up, OF COURSE THEY DON’T WOMEN NEVER LET THEM Take responsibility for thier own emotions!


Grow up women, when you say equality it means equality, not oh, you were born with a vagina so I grant you permission to dress yourself, you were born with a penis so I will tell you what you want to wear.


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