How women brainwash men

Women are still, in 2016 more likley to be carers, ie:- the partner who looks after the children. Women are still happy go lucky, giddy with thier success in the fight for equality, they can wear a dress, leggings, trousers, cullottes, indeed the choice is endless because women have freedom of expression, as they should.


They still make sure that boys only wear trousers…


Women herd boys like cattle, segragating them, forcing them to identify with a “Women’s perspective of what a man should be”

Women brainwash boys with thier own insecurities, boys then grow up identifying with this negative brainwashing, the boys are now men, who behave in the negative way in which women predict and women claim vindication…. “See, this is what all men are like”.


At this point we see women in the same vein as Darth siddious, a.k.a The emperor.

I say “No”.


Men are not quantum. Men do not pop into existence aged 18 to run amok through women’s perfect little Eden.

Women are not angels from heaven, and men demons sent up from the Devil.





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