Gender Identity

Well, I was hoodwinked, just like everybody else, there are two sexes, two genders, male and female.


It always confused me when asked if I was gay…


But I am transgender. I like to present as female. I am happier in the company of women in as much as everyday life, as in, I am more comfortable working in a female centric environment.

I like men, I like getting compliments from men on how I look.

It takes something for me to trust compliments from women, I can never be sure if they’re making fun of me, just saying what they think I want to hear.


I have not elected to wear a wig, instead accepting my hair as it is, with the male pattern baldness (I try some hair growth serum), but generally, overall,


This is all about me. About my gender identity. Something that was stolen from me before I was born by society.


It it not your identity, it is my gender identity.

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