X-files 2016, episode 3 Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

This episode was somewhat light-hearted.

This episode specifically centered around a lizard creature, that was bitten by a human and went on to become a werehuman (That term is not used within the show, I’m just sure enough of my own descriptive abilities to feel comfortable overwriting the show)

This show also featured a sex worker touting for business. The script was contrived to show the person as a sex worker, but the truck drivers who were being offered sex didn’t take the person up on the offer, but simply drove off (Two people… two guys in a truck being offered sex… both of them? one of them? whatever, the mind boggles at the ham fisted scripting), the sex worker, apperearing as female is then confronted by the lizard creature and she thwaks him with her handbag. Later Mulder and Scully interview the sex worker, who reveals that the lizard creature was wearing white underwear, and when questioned on this the sex worker says “Like the type I used to wear”…. exposing herself as transexual (Rather randomly, but taken in context of the episode which was pretty random in of itself).


Later on Mulder talks to the WereHuman whilst he is in human form and tries to explain about transgender, to which the werehuman replies “You can’t just change sex (Even more disturbed writing as sexual dimorphism(Not the correct term I’m looking for…) being more noted in the lizard linear, biologically speaking).


But here we hear Mulder claim “It’s a common occurance”!!! Woah! There we have it… from the mouth of Fox Mulder, Transgender is commonplace.


I enjoyed the episode, no idea if I should have, I’m really not going to pass ubiquitous judgement on it here.


If you like, have a read my Xxxtra-Files episode I wrote, a little while before I even knew the series was coming back;







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