Why women force men to wear trousers

Women don’t force men to wear trousers. women don’t shop for their children and treat boys any differently than girls. Women don’t spend their time slowly but surley brainwashing their male children, forcing them down pre-determined paths by using self presentation “REPRESSION” techniques.


So, sorry if you missed the sarcasm in the above paragraph, it really is difficult for me to know any way to communicate other than making it plainly obvious that… now not really that I have a problem with women per-se, no individual woman bashing, but if you talk about equality then you have to practice what you preach and many women preach equality, but then blandly and insidiously embolden sexism.


Why do women force men to wear trousers? When women, so keen to fly the flag of equality via “Women had to struggle for the right to wear trousers”, then why can they… indeed by any feat of logic how can then deny men freedom of expression through clothing?


Because men are not people. Men are not human beings. Men are mindless automaton. Men are robots to be programmed by women (Whilst the men are young and vunerable boys).


How many men were concientious objectors during the war? Well, let’s not ask, let’s just celebrate men who fought, you know there are some men who enjoyed fighting and killing, some who accepted it it as a means to an end, and many who just didn’t want to fight, but hey, we’ll ignore those men who wouldn’t fight because “They’re not real men” are they?!!?!?!?!?!??!!? Fuck the misgendering of the male populace.

So as young boys men are programmed, they will like cars and football and be ready to fight, just in case the need arises, boys will be engineers and scientists, they will be hard wired, just like that (Evidence from MRI scans points towards this programming as it finds differences between mens and womens brains, but differences that it could be argued are due to cultural upbringing as opposed to what genitalia someone was born with :egads: (Find the humour where you can :narf:)


So women are complicit in sexism. Women try to programme men, to be good at driving so that they can drive the family car, engineering so they can fix the family car if need be, football so they can be physical go getters, scientists and engineers… so they they can invent new types of bombs and weaponry 😦 :dour:


And when the programming goes wrong? when men are bad, when men are criminals, theives, rapists, murderers… well, that’s not the fault of women in any way shape or form, after all, suppressing someones right to self expression couldn’t possibly lead to any future problems could it? Herding all people born with a penis down a narrow path, clumping them all together, not understanding their needs, wants, desires, their feelings, never asking them how they feel, never giving them the option of selecting the pink toy, never giving the option for boys to select the fairy princess dress (Actually I’d personally really love a Maleficent costume… I’m a bit gothic), always assuming what boys want…..


We are a somewhat broken society I guess, and in that time, when Dad’s went to work and Mother knew best, our perceptions of freedom became skewed, after all we are all children.


Honestly, we cannot “Begin” the struggle for equality until dresses and skirts are made available for boys and men. Women are fighting themselves, helping to set up sexist segragation, then they are complaining about sexist segragation.

We need feminine clothes designed for boys who feel feminine, self expression is immensely important, there is a niche, there is a market for feminine clothes for transgendered males, we need to put this selection on the high street, school uniform to be tailored for male to female students, it’s time to GROW UP, ignoring transgender won’t make it go away, and ignoring root issues surrounding sexism won’t make it go away either.



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