Questioning gender

Constantly I hear that most of us never question our own gender… I disagree, but most of us fail to explore our gender because we are inhumanely bullied and we are too fearful to question our own gender…..
Why? Oh Why is a bloke in a dress so taboo? men arn’t allowed to want to wear a dress, women arn’t allowed to take a bloke seriously if they wear a dress…. ahhh, wait…
So if a woman wears a dress, skirt or trousers, she must be taken seriously, shown respect, but if a bloke wears a dress? ah well then it’s open season…
Women will do themselves a favour if instead of procrastinating “Equality”, they put their money where there mouth is.
If women want to wear trousers then we should let them… I mean, they can go into menswear and buy trousers?!?!?
Ok so if women are not expected to go into menswear to buy trousers, then why are men expected to go into womenswear to buy a dress???
There are plenty of blokes happy to wear a dress, but society says it is a no no through a bullying culture, a culture where predominantly the mother chooses the sons clothing, women are wankers, the gender fascist matriarchy, happy to assumen equality, for themselves, but as in twat tories their attitude is “I’m alright Jack so fuck you”,

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