Gender Equality

✋ in ✋, equal and opposite girls welcomed in2 sciences trad.male areas, boys must b welcomed in2 fashion etc, trad female areas.

Boys & Men are not static entities, men are not quantum, they don’t just pop into existence age 18, boys are raised to men, largely by a 52/48 ratio (Uk) female to male population, add in that we’re lead to believe that many men leave the woman partner, so many single mums, women love soaps which control prime time tv, women exert huge influence over male children’s lives & yet we raise so many sexist men? Huh & now, now the sucker punch; women are never to blame, not one bit, it’s always those men, those men who quantum flux into existence at age 18…
Equality dictates that women be allowed to wear trousers (I can’t imagine anything more banal than anyone having a problem with that), and yet a man in a dress? Ho ho ho, what a joke,

If. Women want equality women are going to have to show it, and women are going to have to take some responsibility.

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