IWW/Action for Trans Health Activist Training Day



QASh members attended an activist training day put on by IWW and Action for Trans Health on January 23rd, organised by Pazuzu Gaylord and Jess Bradley. The meeting was open to anyone but due to high levels of interest trans people were prioritised, welcoming mostly locals but some ATH comrades were from elsewhere in the country.

We started the day off with a discussion of what made a good campaign, brainstorming a few ideas as a group, here’s what we came up with:

  • good propaganda
  • lasting impact and effectiveness
  • enjoyability
  • specific and focused aims
  • achievable goals
  • accessible on different levels (eg. media campaigns as some aren’t able to take part on physical protests or other direct action)
  • making connections and building solidarity with others
  • disrupting shit things
  • ability to speak upwards to decision makers but also to empower us
  • policy + social change
  • to have activists who are knowledgeable on…

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