Insane british sexism

I am scared. People are insane.


We cannot have women, arbitrarily deciding that, hey this baby’s born with a penis, it must only ever wear trousers. And yet this is how it is, and despite any protestations, women claiming they want equality, and yet it is important that women can wear dress, skirt or trousers, and their fight for equality is so important to them that… men, ie:- anybody born with a penis, can only wear trousers.

#DressesforMen now.


but more so, men are lost, men were lost generations ago, British bullying society, of which women are every bit as much a part of as men, British bullying society doesn’t ask those children tagged as male how they feel, it tells them how they feel, it tells them what they are allowed to wear, no freedom, no support for young children tagged as male who really struggle to defend themselves;


I have no interest in how you view me, you had your chance and you blew it big time, but I’m gonna keep trying now, to speak up for those innocent soles being corrupted by sexism, corrupted every bit as much by women as by men.

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