Always Check the Eyelashes: Your CBeebies Guide to Gender.

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The (mal)Contented Mother

Ah, Cbeebies. A land filled with possibilities. Where lions and zebrascancoexist as equals and trainee knights befriend cave-dwelling trolls. Where every community – even small Scottish fishing villages -is amulticultural, wheelchair-accessible beacon of diversity. Surely, this is the utopia of which we all dream?

I do love CBeebies. In fact more than this I attribute a good proportion of my parenting sanity to its existence #nojokeofalie. I love that they show women being scientists, fitness instructors, bus drivers, pirate captains, minibeast adventurers, post officers (is that a thing?), nurses, nursery teachers, cooks, stay at home mums… Ahem. Well, you get the picture.

Yes, in the realm of humans the confinements of gender have (almost, sort of) been stripped away, huzzah to that! However, let’s not get ahead of ourselves here. I mean, we need some stereotypes, right? Otherwise how will girls find out that they’re supposed to be pretty andbookish?…

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Why do men visit prostitutes

Men visit prostitues because… they want sex? because they want power over women? Because it’s a culturally accepted norm???

Men use prostitues in order to “Feel”, in order to explore emotions, because in real life we know, “Boy’s don’t cry”, Men wear trousers, not frilly dresses, Men like fighting ?!?!?!?!?! (WTAF! Where the fuck does that come from????????? ),


Men like to feel emotions, and yet through oppression by women, whilst Men are boys, boy’s grow up to become repressed Men.


Men objectify Women, because that’s the only thing they’re allowed to do, they can’t socialise with them when young, Mothers tell thier daughters not to hang around with rough boys, the boy comes home with cuts and bruises, he’s ashamed and cannot open up, “Oh boy’s they’re always fighting”, the reality is that he was beaten up, for being gay, for standing up for a girl, for any excuse the bullies could find.

Men objectify women and then they open the head and start placing inside the hollow female shell all the emotions they’re not allowed to feel in real life, the hurt, the love of lace and silk, the indescribable feeling of repression/oppression, thier frustration at thier own lack of social skills because all they’ve ever had is put downs and violence, thier knowing that only women can be sexually desirable, that men are ugly troll monsters, worse yet that men are pureley gangsters, or soldiers.


boys and Men want freedom to explore emotions and life, evidenced by;


The Royal Ballet for 100 years consistenly had many more Girls/Women apply than Men, after the film Billy elliot was released, for the first time in a hundred years the Royal Ballet recieved more applications from Boys/Men.


Where did all these boys/men come from? They there always. They exist.

What would’ve happened to these boys/men if Billy Eliiot hadn’t been released? They’d have been repressed individuals.


Repression is evil. Women are evil personified. Women must stop repressing young boys. Women are stupid and do not even know what they want, they want equality? and equality means they can wear dress, skirt, trousers, cullottes, high heel shoes, flat shoes, in fact, in women’s minds equality means nothing more than “Women get freedom, whilst Men get told who they are, whilst Men get told what they want” and Women say Men don’t grow up, OF COURSE THEY DON’T WOMEN NEVER LET THEM Take responsibility for thier own emotions!


Grow up women, when you say equality it means equality, not oh, you were born with a vagina so I grant you permission to dress yourself, you were born with a penis so I will tell you what you want to wear.

Gender Identity

Well, I was hoodwinked, just like everybody else, there are two sexes, two genders, male and female.


It always confused me when asked if I was gay…


But I am transgender. I like to present as female. I am happier in the company of women in as much as everyday life, as in, I am more comfortable working in a female centric environment.

I like men, I like getting compliments from men on how I look.

It takes something for me to trust compliments from women, I can never be sure if they’re making fun of me, just saying what they think I want to hear.


I have not elected to wear a wig, instead accepting my hair as it is, with the male pattern baldness (I try some hair growth serum), but generally, overall,


This is all about me. About my gender identity. Something that was stolen from me before I was born by society.


It it not your identity, it is my gender identity.

How women brainwash men

Women are still, in 2016 more likley to be carers, ie:- the partner who looks after the children. Women are still happy go lucky, giddy with thier success in the fight for equality, they can wear a dress, leggings, trousers, cullottes, indeed the choice is endless because women have freedom of expression, as they should.


They still make sure that boys only wear trousers…


Women herd boys like cattle, segragating them, forcing them to identify with a “Women’s perspective of what a man should be”

Women brainwash boys with thier own insecurities, boys then grow up identifying with this negative brainwashing, the boys are now men, who behave in the negative way in which women predict and women claim vindication…. “See, this is what all men are like”.


At this point we see women in the same vein as Darth siddious, a.k.a The emperor.

I say “No”.


Men are not quantum. Men do not pop into existence aged 18 to run amok through women’s perfect little Eden.

Women are not angels from heaven, and men demons sent up from the Devil.




X-files 2016, episode 3 Mulder and Scully Meet the Were-Monster

This episode was somewhat light-hearted.

This episode specifically centered around a lizard creature, that was bitten by a human and went on to become a werehuman (That term is not used within the show, I’m just sure enough of my own descriptive abilities to feel comfortable overwriting the show)

This show also featured a sex worker touting for business. The script was contrived to show the person as a sex worker, but the truck drivers who were being offered sex didn’t take the person up on the offer, but simply drove off (Two people… two guys in a truck being offered sex… both of them? one of them? whatever, the mind boggles at the ham fisted scripting), the sex worker, apperearing as female is then confronted by the lizard creature and she thwaks him with her handbag. Later Mulder and Scully interview the sex worker, who reveals that the lizard creature was wearing white underwear, and when questioned on this the sex worker says “Like the type I used to wear”…. exposing herself as transexual (Rather randomly, but taken in context of the episode which was pretty random in of itself).


Later on Mulder talks to the WereHuman whilst he is in human form and tries to explain about transgender, to which the werehuman replies “You can’t just change sex (Even more disturbed writing as sexual dimorphism(Not the correct term I’m looking for…) being more noted in the lizard linear, biologically speaking).


But here we hear Mulder claim “It’s a common occurance”!!! Woah! There we have it… from the mouth of Fox Mulder, Transgender is commonplace.


I enjoyed the episode, no idea if I should have, I’m really not going to pass ubiquitous judgement on it here.


If you like, have a read my Xxxtra-Files episode I wrote, a little while before I even knew the series was coming back;





Why women force men to wear trousers

Women don’t force men to wear trousers. women don’t shop for their children and treat boys any differently than girls. Women don’t spend their time slowly but surley brainwashing their male children, forcing them down pre-determined paths by using self presentation “REPRESSION” techniques.


So, sorry if you missed the sarcasm in the above paragraph, it really is difficult for me to know any way to communicate other than making it plainly obvious that… now not really that I have a problem with women per-se, no individual woman bashing, but if you talk about equality then you have to practice what you preach and many women preach equality, but then blandly and insidiously embolden sexism.


Why do women force men to wear trousers? When women, so keen to fly the flag of equality via “Women had to struggle for the right to wear trousers”, then why can they… indeed by any feat of logic how can then deny men freedom of expression through clothing?


Because men are not people. Men are not human beings. Men are mindless automaton. Men are robots to be programmed by women (Whilst the men are young and vunerable boys).


How many men were concientious objectors during the war? Well, let’s not ask, let’s just celebrate men who fought, you know there are some men who enjoyed fighting and killing, some who accepted it it as a means to an end, and many who just didn’t want to fight, but hey, we’ll ignore those men who wouldn’t fight because “They’re not real men” are they?!!?!?!?!?!??!!? Fuck the misgendering of the male populace.

So as young boys men are programmed, they will like cars and football and be ready to fight, just in case the need arises, boys will be engineers and scientists, they will be hard wired, just like that (Evidence from MRI scans points towards this programming as it finds differences between mens and womens brains, but differences that it could be argued are due to cultural upbringing as opposed to what genitalia someone was born with :egads: (Find the humour where you can :narf:)


So women are complicit in sexism. Women try to programme men, to be good at driving so that they can drive the family car, engineering so they can fix the family car if need be, football so they can be physical go getters, scientists and engineers… so they they can invent new types of bombs and weaponry 😦 :dour:


And when the programming goes wrong? when men are bad, when men are criminals, theives, rapists, murderers… well, that’s not the fault of women in any way shape or form, after all, suppressing someones right to self expression couldn’t possibly lead to any future problems could it? Herding all people born with a penis down a narrow path, clumping them all together, not understanding their needs, wants, desires, their feelings, never asking them how they feel, never giving them the option of selecting the pink toy, never giving the option for boys to select the fairy princess dress (Actually I’d personally really love a Maleficent costume… I’m a bit gothic), always assuming what boys want…..


We are a somewhat broken society I guess, and in that time, when Dad’s went to work and Mother knew best, our perceptions of freedom became skewed, after all we are all children.


Honestly, we cannot “Begin” the struggle for equality until dresses and skirts are made available for boys and men. Women are fighting themselves, helping to set up sexist segragation, then they are complaining about sexist segragation.

We need feminine clothes designed for boys who feel feminine, self expression is immensely important, there is a niche, there is a market for feminine clothes for transgendered males, we need to put this selection on the high street, school uniform to be tailored for male to female students, it’s time to GROW UP, ignoring transgender won’t make it go away, and ignoring root issues surrounding sexism won’t make it go away either.



How Women plan to combat sexism

Because we are Women. We give birth and raise children and we will defeat sexism… how? We will seperate the sexes, we will make sure that girls can wear dresses, skirts or trousers… boys can wear trousers. Yes, boys can only wear trousers because equality means implementing wholly sexist policies.

We will not all be Mums, but those Women who are not Mums will back us up virulently,  knowing that anybody born with a vagina can have freedom and choice in how they present themselves, but anybody born with a penis can only wear trousers, because we are Women, we are the gender fascist matriarchy and we will fight for equality by implementing wholly sexist policy.

Ok… look, some guys might want to wear a dress… that’s ok… if they do it in private, because we must push the myth that all men are perverts, yes, we will acheive equality by casting aspersions on any guy who does not follow the male gender norm.

We will acheive equality by making sure that if somebody born with a penis wants to wear a dress, they will not get one that fits them well, dresses can only be made to fit the figure of a woman (narrow definition of “Woman” for sure), because we are women and we fought for equality and the right to wear trousers and now all women shop in the mens section for trousers, and male shop assistants stand and snigger at any woman who dares to want to buy trousers, because we are Women, we are the gender fascist matriarchy and we fight for equality by implementing wholly sexist policies.

We are Women and we have no power, we are not Mothers, we do not force our children to follow gender norms, after all, nobody born with a penis ever wanted to wear a dress and we know this because we are Women and that means that we know how every other Woman feels and how every Man feels.

We are Women and we will gain respect. We will gain respect by denying any responsibility,  nothing will ever be our fault, we can always point the finger of blame somewhere else, because Men always behave like Men, and that has nothing to do with us because we give birth, we are 52% of the population and we all know that a good proportion of Fathers abandon the Mother and child, with all this clear and obvious influence we have absolutely no reason to claim any responsibility for the sexist world we live in, never our fault, never our problem, we are more mature than men and we’ll show this by denying any responsibility for the world we live in.