Transgender M2F equality

I am uncomfortable writing this, as it can come across as though I’m attacking women/womanhood, this isn’t the case, per se, but I do feel there is a deeply important issue to be faced, an issue for women, for feminism, and ultimately an issue for all of us as humans.


Women are in an awkward position, they may not know it and this may just be blind ignorance on their part.

When growing up we are told, that girls can wear dresses, skirts, trousers, that boys can wear trousers.


And yet Women have no worries about this, they have no instance to say…. Women should be allowed to wear trousers because women should have freedom and respect and it is important to be able to express oneself through clothing and so one should have freedom, oh yes and by the way this does not apply to men. This does not apply to anyone who feels themselves to be transgender, male to female (M2F).


so what are men to women? Certainly not human beings, I mean women why should they care? perhaps a 3rd of men who are M2F commit suicide, but how are women meant to know they would do that? I mean it’s not as though we believe women to have any empathy or caring feelings.


And yet we raise our children this way, and women often the person in the family house who decides on the clothes their children wear, women “Know” that equality is important… ahh, but equality for women is a one way street, one that only people born with a vagina are allowed to drive along.


What are men then? Men are nothing but automaton, men are robots designed to serve women, yeah, he’s a modern guy, he washes up, he cleans and he looks after his family…. but wait, he wears a dress “KLAXXON< KLAXXON”


Because as we know, women must be allowed freedom and shown respect, but anybody born with a penis must be tagged as male (Through trouser clothing huh?!), because we all know, men are monsters, just because boys are mistreated by their mothers, just because boys are raised with sexist matriarchal values, that is no reason for them to go on to be sexists is it?????!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!? Just because boys might want to wear a silk dress, they’re not allowed, they are then repressed, and when they are adults women point the finger and say “Oh look, he’s so repressed”, “Why are men always so repressed”????? And why are men so sexist????? WHERE Could they have possibly got that from???


Women please help yourselves right at this moment, do yourselves a favour, at the moment you are the gender fascist matriarchy, if you want equality, then go for it, rock and roll, me too, but if you are going to keep up the premise that only women are allowed freedom, that only women are to be shown respect, then don’t start saying you want equality, give up with it because you are coming across as morons.


We cannot start with a position of extreme sexism (Many M2F individuals commit suicide, and why? for fear of how they’ll be treated/mistreated for wearing a dress), we cannot campaign for equality whilst this is an unresolved issue.


we must make provision for boys who want to wear a dress/skirt, we must make the clothing available to them, we must make sure schools understand that we raise our children with love and understanding, we must make sure that M2F children do not fear threat of ridicule/bullying.


Unless we do this, we cannot campaign for equality, because to do so is to make a mockery of the very term equality.


I have not met the woman who wants equality. All the women I know are sexists who want to power grab.


I believe we can move this forward, I believe we can do better and I ask for your help and support in this matter.


Adrian newsum



This was perhaps the weirdest question I was asked by the psychiatrist.

I just didn’t know how to answer and I’ve given it a lot of thought since.

Am I supported by my parents/siblings? Nope, there is just no understanding, and indication of any understanding of the concept of gender dysphoria/trans.

Was I supported by my friends…. , again, just ignorance really, they just seem to have no concept.

Supported by… the nhs? Erm… I didn’t feel like the doctors took me seriously and then I’m made to wait a long while with no communication…

Supported by my immediate family.. They seem think that if they say it’s ok, if they accept it… but positive support? it’s not exactly forthcoming, and I ain’t the type to beg.

Supported by… the local gay community? kinda similar to above, I would say they are interested in being seen to be accepting, and we move in some similar places/circles, I kinda like it because it’s like what I like to call “Touching evil”, like that Denzil Washington film “Fallen” and there are bad angels who take over people’s bodies and make bad things happen and if you are touched by them they can then possess you haha and yeah, I think the gay community is scared of becoming possessed by me/trans

Supported by Women’s groups? Well, they’re my favourite, if you can’t have a good argument and friendly banter with womens groups… well, for me personally I would have to die at that point, I love strong minded women and I have great discussion with them and we have a healthy respect for each other & that is something I get nowhere else (Yes including Trans web sites (Waste of space that they are)); and here, let it be known, me and women’s groups do not always see eye to eye, but we never want to be enemies.

Supported by my workplace? Yeah 🙂 Lot’s of strong minded women 🙂 and they like to take me under their wing 🙂

Supported by trans groups? erm… we head into some small minded petty territory, and even just basic concepts are lost, dignity, respect, fairness, The Trans groups that I have encountered have really distorted views of the world and a basic lack of understanding, no real inteligence behind what is said/actioned, and this is painful, but understandable, though I doubt anybody here would even get the concepts involved, there is evil in the world and it is evil that can never be discussed as it should always appear as pure as the driven snow… Trans groups… what a complete waste of space and time (With regards to “Support”)

Are you gay? No I’m transgender

I’m so stupid…. slow….




Why are there more transgender voices being heard? Because it’s a friendlier world to come out in? (To get our ideas and to shake them all about xx)


Yes, but let’s be clear, when I was at school, I was constantly asked, asked in the sense that the kids asking the question “Knew” the answer before I answered, I was constantly asked “Are you gay”, I didn’t know how to answer that question. I was also asked “Are you a boy or a girl” again, I didn’t know how to answer.

I get treated Gender Fascist

I get treated Gender fascist

Women they who are, the oppressor

deciding little boy must wear, lederhosen

they are depresser


Made to oblige

through the clothes I’m dressed in

Told what my thoughts are

Who and what I’m interested in


A stifled thought

a stifled mind

Dictatorship, matriarchy

Cruel and thoughtless, insensitive unkind

Feel the way that we feel

Because you cannot say,
you feel intrepid if you say
And so they say you’re brave
For saying that you feel this way

I’m the least brave of them all,
my life spent in a secretive crawl
I only live by your good grace
You’re all the hero’s

Take me on my journey
Laugh with me, Laugh at me
Hate me & a’dore me
As we celebrate Human tradgedy and majesty