Hello dearie

My play, Hello Dearie, to be performed with no words spoken, actors use motions, gestures and facial expression. Mood music throughout.


Hello Dearie


Early 20’s male character, rude, abusive, lives alone in a large house, with garden, with steps.


Main character is known, but not by name, people just point and motion for people to keep away from them.


main character seems gruff, explosive, reactionary.


Other characters motion “Don’t talk with him”.


music festival, bands/performers occupying bars around town and with main stage set up in town centre.


late in the day, our main character,  wearing large coat hood up, black boots.


Second character, Late 20’s male, watches our first character.


Ten pm at night, people milling about, alcohol around, band on stage playing an upbeat track.


Suddenly our main character throws off their coat, underneath they’re wearing …. racy women’s underwear, covering all the main bits, but unmistakably women’s underwear.


people point and stare, some acting disgusted, others gaze at the floor. Our main character starts to walk off, clearly uncomfortable, apparently somewhat drunk, leaving their coat behind.


Our second guy follows, bringing the first characters coat, he trails our first character, after a while he approaches, The couple stand awkwardly, then the second guy wraps the coat around the first character, the first character now pliant, they continue walking, they enter the first character’s house, the first character stumbles, second guy puts our main character into bed and climbs in beside them, his arm resting over the first character. they fall to sleep.


In the morning they wake up, they see each others face, they read understanding, they have smiles, they touch, they kiss, they’re making love.
Later in the day, our couple are showered, second guy has laid out a dress for our main character, then waits downstairs. Our main character dresses, and then comes downstairs. they leave the house and walk along in plain view, the difference is stark, people see how happy the couple are, they feel a little uncomfortable, but the overwhelming positive vibes radiating from a couple in love cannot be denied and all the townsfolk begin to smile as well, and we have joyous music.

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