My favourite thing

My favourite thing about being trans is…..




Ok, I can see looks of horror, and astonishment, but those of you with dirty minds, well, stop reading now. Those of you with astonishment read on.


I like being clean and cleaning, now the myth of the lazy slob of a guy is another passive/aggressive sexism from women, men are told that they are lazy and then if a man does cleaning, he is a sissy house husband? (ty Queen), or he is gay.


I just like cleaning, as in, I like things to be clean, and it’s a common theme within the Trans narrative and something that gets overlooked, because sometimes it is talked about “Within trans circles”, sometimes factual, sometimes and perhaps more strongly within fictional literature.


Somehow we have a society that has determined that only women can clean, or want to be clean, men are scared to clean for fear of being called gay, or a sissy.


I wash the pots, I dust the house, I wash and iron the clothes, I mop floors, I clean windows.


When I visited my parents, my mother jokingly said I could clean the windows, yet when I said I would she backtracked fast, I felt uncomfortable.

At work I dust the shelves, and when a woman customer saw a cobweb and suggested I climb up to clean it I did, and it’s good that I did that, though I don’t imagine that will be rated as good performance by the company I work for.

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