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Hell bent.


The Timelords, never anything apart from pushed from pillar to post for the sake of a storyline designed to make The Doctor appear credible.

The pushing of female characters, well, all well and good, but Clara and Ashildr… they are pushed, they are pushed as immortal, and as The Doctor’s equals, and yet The Doctor is a timelord, used to regenerating, Clara and Ashildr, both now immortal, both Human, and we touched upon Ashildr having trouble remembering everything, hence having to write in her journals, ie:- having to form a physical memory bank. One gets a scary feeling that these characters are being primed for a spin off show, and yet their characteristics are tied, absolute to The Doctor, if The Doctor is gone then what? Also to add, it would seem as though Clara is the boss? Ashildr happy to go along with what Clara wants? And how ugly in the final scenes of Hell Bent, Ashildr enters the TARDIS, and it has been proposed by The Doctor that Ashildr “Wants” his TARDIS, so here she is, inside a TARDIS, and she? And she? And she whats? She stands nicely out of scene whilst Clara has her moment with The Doctor????? WTF? Honestly? You can just shift a character to the side for the scriptwriter’s convenience? Well, somebody thinks themselves above all others, ie:- Mr.Moffat…. I mean… at least production has improved from the Rory and Amy days….

Random hybrid, blah blah blah, and Clara telling the Timelords that they’re hated? Jeez, everyone’s hated by someone and nobody should know that better than the yawnsome Clara Oswald, a desperately mediocre character, who has no drive, no ambition… she works at a school, and her pupils? Who cares about them? She is bored with her school life and with her pupils, so she goes running off i=with The Doctor in the TARDIS????? Honestly??? To what end? ahhh, and here we then draw up Sarah Jane Smith, a well drawn character with purpose, somebody who can get by without The Doctor to hold her hand, and we’ll give Martha Jones an honorable mention within this respect too…. but Clara??? A selfish person wanting to take more from life than the rules allow, well then maybe she is The Doctor’s protege , and I mean, at least she can pull off being universally hated like The Doctor, though whether she’ll ever get the pompous I am right, I’m never a fighter (Except the doctor shoots the other Timelord), I’m a coward, I’m The Doctor, somebody who defies death, who defies physical suffering (Though he’s happy to leave the DALEK and other “Baddies” to their fate within the Gallifreyan dungeons), ahhh allowing others to suffer mental torture, well, that’s how this Doctor rolls (Eccleston took pity on a suffering DALEK).

Production has improved somewhat with this Doctor, but mainly it’s a cheat, smaller pictures, don’t show a wide landscape… unless it’s pretty barren, yeah, a war field, yeah, a desert landscape with a small snow globed Gallifreyan citadel in the distance, Yeah, we have a puzzle castle, surrounded by a vast ocean landscape, a bland nothingness, all really cheap plot tools just like pushing characters out of shot for convenience.


At the diner and then The Doctor meets Clara but doesn’t recognise her, and because he’s a smart Timelord with Centuries of experience, and he spots this coincidence where he remembers a diner in the Nevada desert and he doesn’t “Read” the situation? He is just pushed around by Clara, is that what this is all about? Some kind of role reversal, femdom???? You do know that Clara is Human yes? So now Humans are smarter than Timelords? WHATEVER BLAH BLAH BLAH.


We want strong female characterisation…. we’re waiting impatiently. (Yes we’ve had snippets, but for me Clara and Ashildr, a push too far, IMO)


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