Natalie Bennett in Upton

The Chester blog

The leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett arrived at Upton protection camp to show her support for the anti fracking campaigners who have been on the site since April 2014. The camp have been serviced an eviction notice with IGAS planning exploratory drilling on the site.


Natalie thanked residents of the camp for their campaign against fracking. “I wanted to come here today to show my support. The fact is , we know that fracking is the wrong thing for Britain, it’s the wrong thing in terms of, we know we have to leave at least two thirds of our known fossil fuels in the ground if we’re to avoid catastrophic climate change. Going looking for more fossil fuels is absolutely the wrong direction”

She rejected industry claims that fracking would have stronger regulation in the UK. “Its a cowboy industry, it operates in America with virtually no rules…

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