Gender clinic

I was asked two questions that kinda stumped me (Yes I’m a complete amatuer and rather that than whatever else anybody else is FU)

1. How am I presenting.

2. Do I have support
1. I don’t know…. isn’t that for other people to tell me? That’s how it usually goe’s… everybody’s talkin’ AT me.

2. Fuck. It’s like Swing when you’re winning, ie:- so if in this situation one loud mouth person says I’m ok then everyone has to accept I’m ok….. do I have support and respect from society… Do I have support from my close family… do I have support from close friends…

It is like Swing when you’re winning, people in my experience are incredibly duplicitous, I have support WHEN IT SUITS THEM.

As for trans websites… let me help you out;

When we have high street shops selling dresses for men then we’ll be able to begin discussions.

We don’t really have very much to say to each other.

(Quick decide what I meant to say and then peddle your miserable misinformation)

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