The rise of “Gay” fashion

Being eight years old, having your not obese, but not overly slim Mother come downstairs in trousers for the first time, and you get that you are supposed to be positive, positive about brown trousers… positive about being crotch height to your mother, brown trousers stretched, but this is equality and you are expected to be positive, and you want to wear pink pedal pushers like your older sister and you know that this isn’t allowed, because this is how equality is going to work, freedom and respect for anybody born with a vagina, sneers and derision if anybody born with a penis expects any freedom or respect.

And then we had the gay revolution, into the 90’s and now gay fashion, and twenty years later “Gay” fashion has crept into the mainstream…. so yay! I am now allowed to wear skinngy jeans and a white t-shirt.



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