Stockings can be used, for looking sexy

Stockings can be used, for keeping in the heat

Stockings and hose, uses enough to support this prose

A lady once used one to fix the car she drove

Stockings keep our legs warm

cheap stockings torn a sleazy world

I neither understand nor conform

stockings, hose and pantyhose

Support the legs

can be plain or with a pattern

like a rose

green and red, pink or blue

rainbow stockings for a disco you




And the world turns

in your indiosyncrosity
Freedom, so long as you play the cistem’
Grow some balls?!
No! I expose your falls
I exist through the good grace of a community that’s warm

No need to fight the norm
For I exist and therefore I conform

Expose your enemy’s at every turn
women can’t do maths’ write computer games
And guys can’t do fashion right?!
I goose your gander
Dismiss your outmoded mantra
Supernova’s don’t care for your despair
and neither does nuclear fayre
In 83 Strategic defense initiative
Star wars a reality? Now there’s a banality
2015 ESA’s optical communication
Lasers find a place a human history reformation

Natalie Bennett in Upton

The Chester blog

The leader of the Green Party Natalie Bennett arrived at Upton protection camp to show her support for the anti fracking campaigners who have been on the site since April 2014. The camp have been serviced an eviction notice with IGAS planning exploratory drilling on the site.


Natalie thanked residents of the camp for their campaign against fracking. “I wanted to come here today to show my support. The fact is , we know that fracking is the wrong thing for Britain, it’s the wrong thing in terms of, we know we have to leave at least two thirds of our known fossil fuels in the ground if we’re to avoid catastrophic climate change. Going looking for more fossil fuels is absolutely the wrong direction”

She rejected industry claims that fracking would have stronger regulation in the UK. “Its a cowboy industry, it operates in America with virtually no rules…

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Gender clinic

I was asked two questions that kinda stumped me (Yes I’m a complete amatuer and rather that than whatever else anybody else is FU)

1. How am I presenting.

2. Do I have support
1. I don’t know…. isn’t that for other people to tell me? That’s how it usually goe’s… everybody’s talkin’ AT me.

2. Fuck. It’s like Swing when you’re winning, ie:- so if in this situation one loud mouth person says I’m ok then everyone has to accept I’m ok….. do I have support and respect from society… Do I have support from my close family… do I have support from close friends…

It is like Swing when you’re winning, people in my experience are incredibly duplicitous, I have support WHEN IT SUITS THEM.

As for trans websites… let me help you out;

When we have high street shops selling dresses for men then we’ll be able to begin discussions.

We don’t really have very much to say to each other.

(Quick decide what I meant to say and then peddle your miserable misinformation)

The rise of “Gay” fashion

Being eight years old, having your not obese, but not overly slim Mother come downstairs in trousers for the first time, and you get that you are supposed to be positive, positive about brown trousers… positive about being crotch height to your mother, brown trousers stretched, but this is equality and you are expected to be positive, and you want to wear pink pedal pushers like your older sister and you know that this isn’t allowed, because this is how equality is going to work, freedom and respect for anybody born with a vagina, sneers and derision if anybody born with a penis expects any freedom or respect.

And then we had the gay revolution, into the 90’s and now gay fashion, and twenty years later “Gay” fashion has crept into the mainstream…. so yay! I am now allowed to wear skinngy jeans and a white t-shirt.