I’ve got to be free

Nervous and unsure, heart thumping in my chest cavity

a souless echoing drum, unbidden uneasy rythm

tell me stories of crystal tips

tell me about flowers in the sky

tell me I neither have to be a bad bitch

but also not that mythical macho guy

Hold my hand and tell me the world’s not a bad place, because I have trouble seeing it

Take me someplace else where I can just exist without suffering it

When I was eight I was getting it, nervous tension

They fed me placebo, peppermints

I crumbled inside and survived, only by hiding from the world outside

I had no idea how to live this life

Missed the point, of enjoying myself

I tried to be how life needed me to be

but for my own sake, I was failing miserably

So glad I’m not in that skin

thrown the cancerous poison in the bin

and seeing life clearly

and I appreciate you so dearly

cos you’re with me

letting me be free


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