The problem is

It’s not that I can’t believe that somebody might like me. It’s not about acceptance, per se.

If a woman walks down the street in a miniskirt then she may get raped, indeed she is then victimised. If a man walks down the street in a miniskirt then he is every bit as likely to be raped/sexually assaulted, but more than that, stared at, shouted at, in fact treated as a joke.

But the problem is the same and it has very little to do with being a woman.

It has to do with attitudes 7 this is where it gets creepy.

Women still take on more responsibility as carers for small children. Children grow up, some boys grow up with sexist values. where did the boys get the sexist values from? well I can tell you that women are deeply sexist…

I can tell you that I have grown my hair long and worked in a women’s section, surrounded by women. I have recieved about equal sexism from both men and women. There is a difference, men are often more shy to express themselves, they’ll laugh, look away/avoid eye contact, act uncomfortable.

women seem to have no shame whatsoever, be their attitude positive/supportive, or dismissive, down to being insulting? oh yes absolutley…

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