Why become a sissy

This blog is going to take you to places that you may not feel comfortable going.

This blog is going to take Transexuals, Sissy’s, women, indeed the whole cabal.

Women are sexists, no if’s no but’s, Women are mothers, mothers tell their daughters they canwear dress, skirt or trousers, they tell their sons they’re allowed to wear trousers FULL STOP.

Is it any wonder that at a young age boys feel compelled to go along with what they’re told, with what they’re shown through media, and then, the insult of insults, the clowns of crossdressing Drag Queens. Yes boys if you’re brave and you want to wear a skirt or a dress you can, but you must allow yourself to be laughed at by strangers in order to make them feel more secure about themselves.

Boys grow up and let’s stop this sexist commentary right now, Boys and girls, indeed children grow up with sexist values thrust upon them. The worst of this is that women are led to believe, by women and by men that women own sexuality and that women own sensuality. Only a woman may show feminine qualities.

Yes in our fair and equal society only women may choose the clothes they wear, only women can be sexy, only women can understand and experience sensuality.

You are fatally flawed.


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