Gender bullying/Responsibility

It is time to stamp out gender bullying.

Somebody posted a comment, a transgendered individual posted “Why does it feel good to be told “Good girl”

The reason is that person’s lack of ability to take responsibility.


Getting ready for Pride

Well Pride is coming up, I have household duties and all I want to do is get dolled up.

I waxed, I waxed my tummy and one leg… somehow I seem to use more wax strips each time, but i grow tired of waxing, pain is one thing, but i seem to always miss bits. I used cream for the other leg… It was one month old cream and the job i did was just as rubbish as for the waxed leg. Well i shall be shaving tomorrow.

I want to try out outfits, but with kids to look after, my time is not my own and conentration is difficult.

I am practising writing my name, yeah that’s right, trying to self identify is problematic when the whole world and her sister package you as something you know you’re not. Self identifying is empowering.


Unkawoodabum I never wan’d shoot my gun
Throw it on the floor
stamp it in the dirt
I remove grenades neath my skirt
your explosion I disarm
soak it with my charm
dispersing hate and fear
For whenever you are near
You and me hold on dear
To nirvana ethersphere
Unkawooda unkawooda unkawoodabum

Please can we rewind time

Please can we rewind time,
I want to experience that time again,
I want to experience your mind again
But with more intensity.

My fear, my inhibition
Left my mind in retribution
Denying my want
Not wanting to disturb your at peace being

Please can we go back
Retrace our steps
Meet in our past
I feel I know all the answers in retrospect

I yearn to experience your soul
To be with you
To be involved
On a deep level to experience
Your creativity
Our minds our souls joined together
As one and free

Your cruel and banal disrespect

Ok, let’s get this straight. Women raise children, women tell girls that they can wear dress, skirt, trouserrs, and it is important that they must be shown respect,  boys? well boys can wear trousers because this is how equality works, equality of the sexes means that one sex gets more choice?????

So from the youngest age boys are taught to be sexist, then boys grow up to be men and women point the finger giddly proclaiming that men are sexist.

Women brainwash and instruct boys to be sexist, then they tell men that they’re sexist.

So, girls get to choose what they wear, and rightly so, it is important to be able to express oneself, and so boys get told what they want to wear, and so boys, who want to wear dress or skirt, or soft fabrics are then taught to repress those feelings, then boys grow up to be men and then women point the finger giddly and say, look, he doesn’t talk about his feelings, men are so repressed (I am loosing the will to live as I type this).

So women instill sexism and repress males and then women point the finger at men claiming men as the sexists and then refusing to take any responsibility for the way society is, “men are sexist”, “men are like children who don’t grow up (well then try allowing them some choice, try asking them how they feel every now and then), indeed take away fundamental responsibility from boys, instruct (and yes women you do sound like fascist nutsy dictators), instruct boys in what they like, never “ask” boys what they like, never let men take responsibility and then point the finger and say “men are so immature, they never take responsibility” because women always take responsibility???????

men are so insecure? and yet women with their need for “women only spaces”, Women with their need to stake their claim over 75% of retail space, “This is women’s, these are women’s” like some immature gang running around spray painting things, tagging things as only allowed for their gang, yes that is correct you can only wear a dress if you were born with a vagina, because we are women and we can never be sexist and we can never be wrong, we are so mature and we are women, we are always correct and we never need to take any responsibility for anything ever, because taking responsibility would mean maturity and women are never, no wait, women are mature, women are more mature than men, but that would mean taking responsibility, and women raising boys with sexist values that is just correct because…. because boys don’t want to wear a dress…. never and we are women so we know this to be true, because we are women and we can go and laugh at a drag queen, because men wearing dresses are a joke, because it is important to be able to choose what we wear and that we be shown respect, but men don’t like freedom, men don’t like choice, men don’t lke being treated with repesct…..