The anger within

You don’t know the anger that lies within
I am not a happy person
I’m a broken sole
I’m uncomfortable in my skin
you wanna get with me
you’ve gotta evolve


Tapping my heart

You turned the tap on from my heart,
but my blood ran cold,
cos I don’t wanna look like a bland catalogue model
Nor an oldie at a tarts disco


If I won lots of money I would;

1. remake Playstation Home, a virtual 3D world

2. Remake GEM, Graphics Environment Manager to run on modern computers

3. make compters

4. make a games console

5. have two record companies

6. Open a shop selling for the male to female trans market

7. make a nice house, long driveway, woodland, recording sudio

8. have minature railway

9. have grs

10. own a cinema

11. own a nightclub

12. have a local shop

13. start a musical band

14. things which are a given, try to help those around me, especially my immediate family, and then offering employment to extended family and friends.