Men wearing dresses

I can show you pictures of men wearing dresses (Ok, let’s get into semantics, because that is going to be oh so useful, we don’t want to get bogged down into identity issues, before we introduce a discussion about identity issues, )

I can show you pictures of thousands of men wearing dresses, I can show you pictures of tens of thousands of men wearing dresses, I can show you hundreds of thousands of pictures of men wearing dresses.

Ok, so in our white male dominated world, where we can buy anything we want from retail, we have a choice of how many shops selling dresses for men?


Wait, men want to wear dresses, men have complete freedom and power, men want to wear dresses, how many shops sell dresses for men?


Ok, let me get this straight, we have retail, and in retail the customer is always right, and there is a huge market potential for selling dresses to men, so how many shops are out there taking advantage of this market potential?


So wait, let me get this straight, white western men have ultimate freedom to do whatever they want, a proportion of them (More than a hundred thousand, the hundred thousand are just the ones brave enough to defy convention)want to wear dresses and retail is desperate to make money and will sell to willing markets and a good proportion of men are a willing market and how many retail shops sell dresses for men?


But wait, men can go into womenswear and buy a dress if they want to? Oh and they’re allowed to use the changing room? And you think that the shop assistant welcomes them into the store/department? (They don’t we get snide comments and unwelcoming stares) & besides which;

If a woman wants to buy trousers, she has to go into the mens department?

Well, very clearly we have one rule here for women and another for men.

Women must be afforded freedom of expression and respect.


Why don’t we start on the kids. The boys. Women raise children. They make it very clear that their daughters can wear trousers, skirt, top, dresses, in fact anything they see fit.

Boys can wear? trousers and top.

So women already have started training boys in sexist behaviour 😮

Then the boys grow up and women point the finger and say, look men are sexist! FFS women, you need to help yourselves out here a little bit, you’re not painting yourselves in a very good light.

So, girls can wear trousers, skirt, dresses, indeed they are given a freedom of expression absoloutley denied to boys.

Then the boys grow up, and women point the finger, Oh look, he won’t open up, he’s so repressed.


You don’t get to repress boys and then claim some doody lah lah moral high ground.


See now here, women at this point should just deny any wrong doing and blame everything on men, because that would be the mature and sensible thing to do, and we all know women are way more mature than men isn’t it?! MORONS.

Oh dear, I get upset, well, you have denied me basic human rights for most of my life and all for the love of “Men can’t wear a dress or skirt”, I’ve got no reason to be upset right?

Because if I said women can’t wear trousers, then that is suddenly a problem, but if we say that men can’t wear dresses? Ah well, seems women get to pick and choose what is acceptable…

Wait, wwhat? Women get to choose what is acceptable?? And men? Well, clearly men are morally corrupt, and you know what the sad thing is, most men grow up believing the bullshit that they were taught as kids. Even when a man wants to wear feminine clothes, he’ll pass it off as bdsm, there is then a woman wielding the power, but wait why would a woman do that/want to do that? (We don’t preclude that some women may want to do that, but I do find it unlikley), because men just can’t get their head around it, they have been bullshit brainwashed into feeling that if they want to wear a dress they are in some way inferior, no more than that, that somehow women own sex, that women own fashion.

Repressing boys denying them experimentation when they are young is not something to be proud of.

Women you control a big portion of society and looking at the results, mal adjusted male behaviour, high male suicide rate (Which increases for male to female transgendered individuals).

Women are sexist bullies.

Caveats, I have found that sexism from men and women is about equal, there is however a difference when it comes to confidence in expressing such sexism, men are quite shy and can tend to overreact, women have no shame in their opinions whatsoever, whether they be non sexist or fully sexist, women just have no moral compass.

To sum up, white western men can choose anything they want, just so long as it is exactly what women tell them they want.


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