A word I just don’t hear often enough within the Trans community, or when hearing others talk about trans issues.

I am advised that I’ll need to “Grow some balls” to be trans.

I am advised to “Act confidently” lest I could cause embarrassment to other trans folk :aghast:

I am told that “I have to wait for others to catch up”

I’m advised that I have to “Fight” for my rights 😦

I am told that I will be “Allowed” but not safegaurded nor supported & most downheartingly being “Allowed” does not equal being shown respect.

Complete lack of respect to any worthwhile degree is so powerfully evident & my problems here come from those antagonistic to transgendered folk, but also transgendered folk themselves : shock:

Here I am talking to different audiences who may each find parts of what I’m saying challenging.

We concentrate on dress as this is perhaps the most visible/recognisable aspect of being trans.

And here, employers are allowed free reign to discriminate.

And here Transfolk are so often guilty of setting a high bar, but it is more than that… please do not send me to a trans makeover service as I’ll come out looking like a catalogue model, a bland representation of middle class middle aged women who need inspiring because they’re empty and deviod of passion and emotion which is hardly surprising because they’ve had the world telling them that they’re fantastic at fashion even though they wear the most tedious tat available because in life “Women have an inherent understanding of “What looks good””, :wah: wait? no personal beauty? no respect? just a bland We are women and we know fashion.

Trans makeover services, now we are enemies? I hope not, at least not in a way that I am seen to be… look trans services do a lot of good and people use them and people get something from them and I am pleased for those people.

How can I equate? Remember when Vivian Westwood shook things up? At first there was shock, but now she stands for an individuality or moreover an encapsulation of the spirit of 1977 England that strived for individuality.

I went to see my favourite band, I dressed in women’s clothes, I think i looked awful, well, I need practice, but it felt so good “Being myself” and I got hugs from people 🙂 & some warm genuine human interaction.

Looking good is important to me, but more important is respect for mine and others individuality.

And here Women who consider themselves feminist suddenly paint caricatures of us, which in truth are more a reflection of there own minds, there own insecurities; a lack of respect through a lack of familiarity perhaps.

And here, Mums, who raise their boys to understand theat they don’t wear dresses, a clearly sexist policy that becomes magnified and grafted onto adult life and then these same women point the finger and say “Look men are sexist” and in truth these Mums show a complete lack of respect for their sons, they “Tell” their sons what they are allowed to like, they don’t even have the humility to show respect to their own child.

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