A Trans organisation, like no other

I wish to be me, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. This involves me dressing in a more feminine way, or at least dressing the way that is offered for women within mass retail.

I cannot just afford to leave my job.

I wish to have a job of “Being Transgendered”.


I will start my organisation, an organisation that can be adaptive to different outlets, be it music, art, photo shoots etc.

I will start with a magazine website. The website “will not” I’m afraid be a free for all, it will be a case of sending articles to myself/The admin team, who will then decide the suitability.

Why can I not use the current websites/magazines available?


I must be a punk. I do not find the current websites/magazines to be in line with my ethics, nor with my wish to be much more open, my wish to present to the world at large, to be open and to be accepted.


There will be no intimation of “Passing”. That is not to say that I would personally not want to “pass” in given situations, and here we pick at an important point I’ve not found clearly noted elsewhere; “IT’S MY LIFE” and it is individual and when my friend Lulu from down the road calls me a tranny then that is fine, but when some uninvited stranger shouts Tranny then, well then I get to choose, individually if I accept that or not.



Sometimes I go out and I may well be perceived as “A bloke in a dress”, well, so what if I am? How can i be any less worthy of respect than a woman wearing trousers?

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