Chasing Voyager

We should be chasing Voyager.

Voyager, One and Two, are escaping the edge of the known Solar system, Voyager One I believe being the farthest travelled man made object.

Pause for thought…

What is out there? is space different past the domain of the solar wind? is it thicker? gloupier? is that where “dark matter” is hiding? or is it just space?

Voyager(s) have been an astounding succes and it seems such a waste if they are just left to drift when they are still exploring.

1. Could we chase the Voyager probes?
2. Would there be any point in chasing the Voyager probes?

1. We landed Philae on a comet and Rosetta’s in orbit around the comet, what if we got a probe to orbit a comet that was heading out of the solar system? What if the comet was headed in Voyager’s direction?

2. Would there be any point?!? I don’t know the answer…

We were discussing the first Dr.Who broadcast, and where it will have reached out into the cosmos, wait? am I really saying we should send a probe out, that can read an old tv signal, clean the picture up and then relay the information back to Earth, just so that we can catch up on repeats, and rescue any “lost episodes” :Zoinks: No, not really, well, it is running through my mind, but really? hehe

Then, we catch up with Voyager via a probe orbiting a comet, but Voyager is sleeping now with it’s battery life run out… could we charge the battery? could we get solar energy and “zap” the Voyager circuitry with an energy pulse, waking Voyager up?!?!?!?!

or, we could aim to land a small “mobile phone”/”mini computer probe, onto Voyager (Voyager has metal so magnatism could do it), to what end? To see how Voyager has faired?

or maybe we should just attach to a comet headed out of the solar system… if we did, could we surpass the Voyager probe, with more modern equipment, we could watch tv pictures of…. well, of blank space most probably haha, sorry, but seriously we have this opportunity and we should be taking advantage?

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