Shoes; Heels to flats

I love shoes, something very deep/primal, wearing different shoes can change how one feels about themselves and the world around them.

I have a sore knee, it started a year or two back, and what a kicker, I had just come out to myself about being trans and something I could do and be trans would be to wear heeled shoes as I have a good sense of balance, I can easily trot and even sprint in high heels.

My knee hurts, it doesn’t like the cold, I have been to the doctors and they were worse than useless.

So I had bought some shoes with heels, but if I wear them for any length of time my knee hurts for days afterwards. So I consider cutting the heel off :waw:

Some shoes lend themselves to this better than others. I tried with some boots that had a rubber sole, It took a while with a junior hacksaw, then when I had done, they still make my knee hurt 😦 I think the heel is not cut flat, somewhat slanted.

So, I’ve got some lovely shoes (Well, they’re skanky really, but it’s lovely to be able to explore and experiment); ShoesWithLegs.jpeg

So after I had written some random blog post concentrating on, well it was to do with improving the lott for M 2 F transgender. Then Caryn Franklin replied… I got a bit giddy and felt somewhat exhilerated and felt like “Doing” something, so I set about with my shoes, I tried “Whacking” the heels to remove them, but nope, these shoes are made pretty strongly, so I got the junior hacksaw and began, pant, wheeze, so much effort, so much mess, so little results. So I got the saw I use for cutting small branches from trees, that was getting through better, until I hit a metal bolt in the middle of the heel, so it was back to the junior hacksaw.

Eventually the heel is cut, the shoes look funky! 🙂 with the toes turned up 🙂

I then got the rubber heels from the boots I’d tried to cut and I wanted to “Tack” them onto the new shoes, the small nails didn’t penetrate the hard plastic heel, so then I drilled holes in the plastic heel, found screws and half an hour later I’d attached the new heel rubber.


Not the most proffessional job, but it works and I enjoyed myself 🙂

Now I’m really hoping for a shoe anvil for my birthday & a shoe making kit 😀



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