How men used to be

I watched a TED talk video.

for thoses of you who don’t know, these are something to do with Oxford and it has been suggested that it is largely Gardian readers.

People get up and talk about any subject, for about 15 minutes.

A lady was doing a Ted talk. she was speaking about feminism.

Now I am a bit wary of these talks, i see them as being given by people who are generally not immediatley/strongly affected by the issues they talk about, but for some self glorification they like to talk… it is like social media for the intelectual elite.

Well, that was the view I had, rightly or wrongly and I have had to eat my words somewhat since I first discovered Ted talks.

Now, this nice lady (I have searched for the video a little, but cannot find it and to be honest it upset me a lot so I tried to forget it.) gave her talk and it was from a female perspective, about feminist issues, and really I thought that she didn’t consider how the men she talked about may have “Felt, emotionally”, but then again, it is her talk, and her point of view so that was not really a big issue and I was ok with what she said and found it interesting enough to watch through to the end… but the end… she rounded off by saying that she can understand that a hundred years ago women had to accept being subservient to men… (WHAT?!), but that today it is different…


So, this ladies idea is that one hundred years ago, ALL MEN WERE NEANDERTHALS!!!!!



Ok, really important to get some history lessons out there, throughout history men have been many many things, men have been dandys, fancy dressers, homosexual, gay, insecure, cold and aloof, passionate, determined, absent minded, caring.

& many many more things besides. Here we are talking enough about powerful leaders, I can promise you not many powerful leaders relied upon their own brute strength to secure their leadership.

even we see with ghengis Khan that early on he was barbaric, but as he aged he learnt political neccessity, he learnt to use his political power, we see this evidenced by him promoting and supporting people who worked with him and by him adopting Buddhism.

When I watched tennis in recent times, a player called Philipouses came along, and he is huge! he is a hulk of a man and I can imagine that the other players feared him, he hit the ball hard! But Philipouses hasn’t won Grand slams… who has won grand slams? McEnroe, Becker…. becker a 16 year old kid beating all these BIG TOUGH MEN?!, Pete Samprass and the latest one who i don’t remember his name, the latest one who is now the most successful player, well sure he has muscles, but it is grace that carries him, :WAH: What? I am saying that grace and style is something men use


Women do not own grace and style!

Grow up and read some history books.

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