A view of Watford

So, we moved to Bushey, in Watford, so what is it like? & we drove into town and there is a nightclub… NO! It is a DISCO in ye olde 70’s style writing & Elton John likes Watford; perhaps the football club especially… & he is from that disco era… but mostly I don’t like his songs that much… & I am confused bcos I am not sure if he used to be in “The Who” :Baulk:,……..  Where was I… ah yes, but I liked his duet with Kiki Dee, Don’t go breakin’ my heart… it is cool and odd, bcos he is gay, and so I don’t think she could break his heart, in that way… I think I identified with Kiki, like I wish that was me… I seem to be friends with militant lesbians quite easily, and when I go shopping I go to the “lesbian” section… where they have big boots and h&m have some great “Sisters of Mercy” esque clthing atm 🙂 :Courtsey:

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