Magic Phone Company

Wanted a new phone, something with class,
A phone with a place for coins to call home.

            |.                 |. __
            |.      ¤        |_|. |
            |.    {}.         __  |
            |.                 |.  |.|
            |.                 |. (=)

This phone was different, with magical powers, in the instruction booklet he’d read for hours
The phone could change a man’s demeanor,  make him sound and look feminina.

His hand trembled as he dialled the number

0 I 1t 2 13 91r1y

The phone it sparkled, glimmered and shimmered,
A mettalic shiny sheen reflected him feminina
& the tears they came as what was saw was her inner,
Now the inner was girly exterior.

Magic phones now on sale;

Munson’s Magic phone company
3 How way

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