Does anybody have the right to call me a Tranny?

This question was asked, and in typical me style, I was angry, but not sure why, nor how to express my feelings. well, I have calmed down a bit 🙂

I have of late begun to feel more connected to reality, the haziness has started to lift and I am seeing things more clearly than ever before.

I’m a Tranny, ie:- I was born as society seems to accept, as a male, but I wear women’s clothes.

I wear womens clothing every day.

I wear clothes which must be seen as somewhat androgynous, ie:- trousers and a top.

Problem we see here, if we say “Tranny”, our society seems to picture Drag artists, & or worse than that, poorly fitted wigs, fake tan, make up 10 centimetres thick, and clothing that wouldn’t look out of place in pornagraphic literature from the 60’s to the 80’s.

I am not “that” Tranny.

I don’t have a huge will to belittle any body who feels themselves on the transgender scale & have an empathy with those who have gone out, been it, done it, and it’s a world unlike other worlds, a bit like “The Beatles” making pop music, defining pop music & we could pick fault with The Beatles, but to what end? There were no rules, nobody to tell them that they were doing it “Wrong”, and I would personally say and feel that most would agree they did some pretty special & positive things.

& so any transgendered individuals who have already travelled the Trans path, I have an amount of respect for them.

Now for the kicker. I do not know any Tranny’s that I would accept as role models.

Well… maybe Kenny everett…

I’m a Tranny, but I’m not 10 cm thick make up, I’m not high heels and short skirts/dresses (My knee hurts so I have to wear flats… which I rock pretty heartilly) I am not the tranny who had to “Grow some balls” in order to be me, I’m not as tough as old boots, I don’t feel a desperate need to pass, but rather to be accepted for who I am & when it comes down to it, at the moment within the society in which I live, mostly I will be seen as “A bloke in a dress”, and what of it? That leads us to desperate areas, we then ask “Who won the war (Second world war), the Nazi fascists or the Gangsters? Even more disturbing is the answer, Who cares, I still don’t get to have freedom due to the rampant sexism that “trolls” our society.

I got side tracked here, another line of thought I was having was, do gay people mind being called gay? Do we have the right to call them gay? and I have coloured friends and I sometimes wonder if it is ok for me to term them coloured, but with all this i have to say that I try to find out what the individual accepts/prefers, rather than determining a whole group of people through a one word description.

Do people have the right to call me a Tranny? Short answer is No. Longer answer says, try it, try talking with me, ask me how it makes me feel, show me some respect.


Rockabilly Rift

I’ve, been searching all this evening
For the reason,
why this feeling’s up & come

It’s bcos I see you clearly
You, I hold so dearly

I wanna be with you, until the morning sun! ^

A view of Watford

So, we moved to Bushey, in Watford, so what is it like? & we drove into town and there is a nightclub… NO! It is a DISCO in ye olde 70’s style writing & Elton John likes Watford; perhaps the football club especially… & he is from that disco era… but mostly I don’t like his songs that much… & I am confused bcos I am not sure if he used to be in “The Who” :Baulk:,……..  Where was I… ah yes, but I liked his duet with Kiki Dee, Don’t go breakin’ my heart… it is cool and odd, bcos he is gay, and so I don’t think she could break his heart, in that way… I think I identified with Kiki, like I wish that was me… I seem to be friends with militant lesbians quite easily, and when I go shopping I go to the “lesbian” section… where they have big boots and h&m have some great “Sisters of Mercy” esque clthing atm 🙂 :Courtsey:

How men used to be

I watched a TED talk video.

for thoses of you who don’t know, these are something to do with Oxford and it has been suggested that it is largely Gardian readers.

People get up and talk about any subject, for about 15 minutes.

A lady was doing a Ted talk. she was speaking about feminism.

Now I am a bit wary of these talks, i see them as being given by people who are generally not immediatley/strongly affected by the issues they talk about, but for some self glorification they like to talk… it is like social media for the intelectual elite.

Well, that was the view I had, rightly or wrongly and I have had to eat my words somewhat since I first discovered Ted talks.

Now, this nice lady (I have searched for the video a little, but cannot find it and to be honest it upset me a lot so I tried to forget it.) gave her talk and it was from a female perspective, about feminist issues, and really I thought that she didn’t consider how the men she talked about may have “Felt, emotionally”, but then again, it is her talk, and her point of view so that was not really a big issue and I was ok with what she said and found it interesting enough to watch through to the end… but the end… she rounded off by saying that she can understand that a hundred years ago women had to accept being subservient to men… (WHAT?!), but that today it is different…


So, this ladies idea is that one hundred years ago, ALL MEN WERE NEANDERTHALS!!!!!



Ok, really important to get some history lessons out there, throughout history men have been many many things, men have been dandys, fancy dressers, homosexual, gay, insecure, cold and aloof, passionate, determined, absent minded, caring.

& many many more things besides. Here we are talking enough about powerful leaders, I can promise you not many powerful leaders relied upon their own brute strength to secure their leadership.

even we see with ghengis Khan that early on he was barbaric, but as he aged he learnt political neccessity, he learnt to use his political power, we see this evidenced by him promoting and supporting people who worked with him and by him adopting Buddhism.

When I watched tennis in recent times, a player called Philipouses came along, and he is huge! he is a hulk of a man and I can imagine that the other players feared him, he hit the ball hard! But Philipouses hasn’t won Grand slams… who has won grand slams? McEnroe, Becker…. becker a 16 year old kid beating all these BIG TOUGH MEN?!, Pete Samprass and the latest one who i don’t remember his name, the latest one who is now the most successful player, well sure he has muscles, but it is grace that carries him, :WAH: What? I am saying that grace and style is something men use


Women do not own grace and style!

Grow up and read some history books.

Magic Phone Company

Wanted a new phone, something with class,
A phone with a place for coins to call home.

            |.                 |. __
            |.      ¤        |_|. |
            |.    {}.         __  |
            |.                 |.  |.|
            |.                 |. (=)

This phone was different, with magical powers, in the instruction booklet he’d read for hours
The phone could change a man’s demeanor,  make him sound and look feminina.

His hand trembled as he dialled the number

0 I 1t 2 13 91r1y

The phone it sparkled, glimmered and shimmered,
A mettalic shiny sheen reflected him feminina
& the tears they came as what was saw was her inner,
Now the inner was girly exterior.

Magic phones now on sale;

Munson’s Magic phone company
3 How way

Tranny, to be or not to be

You’re not supposed to “Name” it, once you name it, you start getting attached to it, now put that thing back where it came from. (Thank you mike wazowski,


OK… calming down… then if we talk in parables and asides, (It is the only way I talk and does lead to immense frustration from people around me, but whattya gonna do, we’re all different?)

The British government, less than 60% of people voted, so at the moment we have a government that represents… perhaps 35% and this government will now claim to be representative of the British public?!?!?!? In what possible way?

We must all of us sureley have “Some” humility…

If I run a trans web site, and only 15% of the Trans community is part of my website, then my website is not wholly representative.

How would we know if we are a representative web site?

:Woah: are “you” seriously asking “me” that question?

OK, what if we had a national survey, asking people if they consider themselves Trans? wow… what, you mean ask people questions? Yes, I mean ask people questions, talk to them, be respectful…

:Waw: what weirdo concepts is this?

Good words atm are “outreach”, and Podcast.

I am 100% Tranny. Me and the Trans community do not see eye to eye.

The initial question is baulked, because it intimates that somebody may have a “Right”, and people need to earn rights, yes, even we do.

You go for your gun (ie:- call me a Tranny), but one thing you’ve got to ask yourself… do you feel lucky? (:RollEyes: now we wheel out Clint Eastwoods haha)

You’re not supposed to “Name” it, once you name it, you start getting attached to it, now put that thing back where it came from. (Thank you mike wazowski,

The initial question is baulked, because it intimates that somebody may have a “Right”, and people need to earn rights, yes, even we do.

You go for your gun (ie:- call me a Tranny), but one thing you’ve got to ask yourself… do you feel lucky? (:RollEyes: now we wheel out Clint Eastwoods haha)

anyway, let’s dispense with the caberet,

If the Trans community is a group, like, let’s say “Gays” for example (& we do nowadays hear more about “The gay community” rather than “The gays”), so the gay community has now built up some considerate media and governmental representation, so when the Transgender community has that kind of representation, then we can ask the question again.

Today, if one trans person goes out and about dressed… & (This is important) & if they look decent, ie:- they pass, then they get called tranny, but it is in a light hearted fun way,

THAT DOES NOT EQUATE to somebody with little experience, stepping out and feeling comfortable with being called Tranny.

As a Trans community I would like to see so much work done on encouraging trans folk to be more open, this is stifled, often unintentionally because of the effects of “Body image”, buy what we wear, by what is considered acceptable wear, and we all might guess any further speil here, 70% womens fashion, men only wear trousers, and our self identity is not respected, only how we present ourselves, and with no real indicators from society, from mainstream culture that being m2f trans is acceptable, then the original question becomes null and void, when society represents the Trans community in a positive light, then this will be a whole other story, nay indeed, we probably shan’t even ask ourselves this question, much the same way as gay people can have a gay radio station.

When I was at school, many moons ago, being called puff/gaybo,

these terms carry so much other baggage, and really, from the beginning of the 80’s to the end, that decade saw some change in how we think, and this is evidenced in further cultural studies.

something of political correctness… but trans got overlooked? ignored? not the Big issue that gay was? ahhh.

I can only imagine anybody today finding the word “gay” difficult to deal with, in as much as it being “A word”.

So Tranny still needs to undergo that change, within the Trans community Tranny has become somewhat accepted, but step outside of the community and see, the problem is, the connotation that exists, “Tranny = sex object”, but this is a much bigger issue to do with equality for women and clearly we still struggle (as a society) to get our heads around it & if a man chooses to wear “Womens” clothing, it is because they wish to be used for sex (Unfortunatley loud mouth bullying culture ie:- certain “Newspapers”, film industry, lads mags, Womens mags!!!), so until “Being a woman” does not equal sex object.

Furthermore “Down with the patriarchy” as a lesbian friend of mine echoed my thoughts, until women stop being so secular :0 (This is my toned down version of this post).

I advise caution, I say that we don’t want to get 20 trannies who say Tranny is fine to use, when 980 quiet Trannies don’t want it to be used.

Honestly, I’m a tranny 100%

If you want honesty, The Trans community aides and abets certain mythologies, not least of all through stereotyping drag acts,

But we relent, I have no upset/anger towards the Trans community per se, but I would see it change and not be all about “A bloke in a dress”, we need to make it be about much more than that, but the Trans community I see is about Passing and about a ton of make up & wigs and overblown dresses.

Much bigger debates to be had, that will ultimatley swamp this debate and make it irrelevant…

I was at school in the 80’s, the decade when gays came out of the closet so to speak… well, gay was offensive, but now it’s difficult to use it in an offensive way (From my experience), to such a degree that we can have a radio station called Gaydio that doesn’t get shut down through hate mail/government intervention etc.

In 20 years we will look back at this and have a light hearted giggly chat about this…

Oh yeah, who can call me a Tranny? well, in all the excitement, you know what I forgot to check, but what you’ve got to ask yourself is do you feel lucky? (Prizes are awarded for picking up on cultural references ;) ), so go ahead, make my day xx

(This is my 5th attempt at a reply, this is my most coherent and least offensive reply… I courtsey)

Who cares about the vulnerable when there’s a fight to manufacture?

a gentleman and a scholar

Evidently not BBC’s Woman’s Hour.

Trans (and potentially trans) children – already a hot button topic – have been pushed further into the spotlight this week with Louis Theroux’s latest, broadly supportive, documentary, aired by the BBC on April 5th. Other arms of the BBC were quick to weigh in, as were the rest of the mainstream press – it made sense that Woman’s Hour, the BBC’s flagship magazine radio show for feminist/gender-related content, would want to add to the discussion.

What I didn’t realise, until they contacted me this Thursday, was that it wasn’t so much a case of ‘adding to the discussion’ as it was promoting their own agenda under the guise of ‘debate’.

Before I say anything else, I should probably touch on my background. I’ve been a trans (and general QUILTBAG) activist since I myself came out at the age of 15…

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