Inherently sexist

I was asked about why I asked shops to sell to a transgender audience, as opposed to “allowing” men to shop womens clothing.

I hope we all see the inherent problem within that statement.

until we have better gender equality.

This site (a transgender website) has limited usefulness

most on transgender website do not seem interested in gender equality

That is a deeply saddening statement.
It does not matter if you “Want” gender equality. It does not matter if you see your self as crossdresser, but straight, or raging nympho hoar.
That is all irrelevant.
You will have no respect, you are second class citizens until we get gender equality.
being “allowed” to shop women’s clothing…
if you do not see the inherent problem with that last statement then you are blind as well as dumb and therefore deserving yourself of second class status.

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