Joe 90 / Sir Michael Caine

Joe 90

Starring Sir Michael Caine as Joe 90 and as himself

Scene: Old joe 90 set, seen as real size, dusty, cobwebs, then an old Joe 90 steps into the scene, he is old, but still “Alive”, still spritley despite now using a walking stick, hair still neat, a sparkle in his eye.

Joe 90: Well, I guess I can’t out wait the world after all

Scene: Joe 90 sets about with a screwdriver tinkering with the machinary/computer in his laboratory.


Fade in:

Scene: The old Joe 90 set, still dusty, but now it has come to life, lights flash on and off and we see a computer screen with a pair of glasses to the top left and a wall of text messages.

Zoom on screen.

Joe 90 talks and types at the same time.

Joe 90: Invitation to Sir Michael Caine, Sir Michael, We have a new production of Joe 90 and are casting, we immediately thought of you for your immense experience in acting with glasses, I am forwarding you the details of the address for the rehearsals and hope you will attend.

Joe 90 hits send and then stands by a pad, that looks like a transporter pad from Star trek Original series.

Fade out:

Fade in:

Scene: We see Michael Caine walk up to and old factory building and two large wooden doors, with a smaller door inset inside the right hand door. Michael Caine knocks the small door which gently swings open. Michael Caine steps inside.


Scene: We see an old factory building, michael Caine stands by the factory doors, he looks around, in the far corner we see a table and a small set, Michael heads over towards the table/set.


scene: old Joe 90 set

Joe 90: Well Done sir Michael, just a little closer

Joe 90 pulls a big lever and the “Transporter like” machine whirrs into action, humming and glowing, and Joe 90 is free! We see now michael Caine as a puppet, trapped in Joe 90’s laboratory, shocked and bemused.


Scene: we see Joe 90 in Human form walk, over to the table set.

Joe 90: I am Sorry Sir michael, but I needed my freedom, I’ll make sure you are properly looked after, better than I was, and don’t worry I have plenty of adventures planned for you.
Joe 90 heads off towards the factory doors whilst a small puppet michael Caine shouts and curses for him to come back and not leave him like this.

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