Becoming a Woman: Trans Women and Male Violence

I don’t know how much I agree, but at least it’s inteligent talk.

Caroline Criado-Perez

I don’t really know what it is to become a woman. When I started to become one, in puberty, I was too young to really be able sillhouetteto appraise it. I only know that suddenly I started to be followed, grabbed, treated like my body was public property. I never questioned it. I didn’t know any different.

A couple of days ago, a friend of mine started tweeting from her locked account about her experience of transitioning. “so apparently I’ve reached that stage in trannyism where men’s eyes keep flicking down when they’re talking to me. fucking men”, she wrote. “am actually slightly worried some guy will do that then realise I’m trans and get violent […] since most straight men seen pretty insecure in their sexuality”. She then reflected that she would probably get used to it, “like I got used to being called “sweetheart” and constantly talked over, I guess. :-/”…

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Sail your boat
& carry my heart
The see is stormy
I’ll be the lighthouse for you

Glide me serenely through calm quite seas
Carry me steadily and stealthy, through storms don’t let our ship break apart
I’m your silken haired mermaid
Your my king Neptune,
You dream you capture my heart

Sunken treasure all our riches, and jewels
Prettiest colours,
I’m gasping air for your dreams come true
Reach out, feel my heart
Hear it thumping, loud, in the dark

Frankenstein changed my mind

Frankenstein changed my mind

I fell, hook line and sinker,
The propaganda
Being, gay, somehow a stigma
We’d rather normalise,  tame de riguer,
instead of seeing, gender as something bigger

Growing up, bitchy comedy showed me “the”way
But after short while I disconnected
Frankenstein changed my mind
and your Britain was just a place for monsters of a different kind

Your truth is brutal

I no longer wish to feel guilty, just for breathing

I’m a human check me out,

with love and feeling

your narrow mind means you don’t get to know me better

then you dream up my life

you should know better

I’m lost, confused and I’m dumbfounded

you got me booted suited, and blokey trousered

I need you now, to come along and show me the way

but you say Stop! Hey!

You’re not a girl

and so I’d better? tow the line, or end up death, huh?

I feel ugly already, my body image…. I feel restricted

You stole my thoughts and feelings, before I existed

Your acceptance of existence to me… is anathema

I need life, to live a little

You’d rather I die

Your truth is brutal

Inherently sexist

I was asked about why I asked shops to sell to a transgender audience, as opposed to “allowing” men to shop womens clothing.

I hope we all see the inherent problem within that statement.

until we have better gender equality.

This site (a transgender website) has limited usefulness

most on transgender website do not seem interested in gender equality

That is a deeply saddening statement.
It does not matter if you “Want” gender equality. It does not matter if you see your self as crossdresser, but straight, or raging nympho hoar.
That is all irrelevant.
You will have no respect, you are second class citizens until we get gender equality.
being “allowed” to shop women’s clothing…
if you do not see the inherent problem with that last statement then you are blind as well as dumb and therefore deserving yourself of second class status.

Joe 90 / Sir Michael Caine

Joe 90

Starring Sir Michael Caine as Joe 90 and as himself

Scene: Old joe 90 set, seen as real size, dusty, cobwebs, then an old Joe 90 steps into the scene, he is old, but still “Alive”, still spritley despite now using a walking stick, hair still neat, a sparkle in his eye.

Joe 90: Well, I guess I can’t out wait the world after all

Scene: Joe 90 sets about with a screwdriver tinkering with the machinary/computer in his laboratory.


Fade in:

Scene: The old Joe 90 set, still dusty, but now it has come to life, lights flash on and off and we see a computer screen with a pair of glasses to the top left and a wall of text messages.

Zoom on screen.

Joe 90 talks and types at the same time.

Joe 90: Invitation to Sir Michael Caine, Sir Michael, We have a new production of Joe 90 and are casting, we immediately thought of you for your immense experience in acting with glasses, I am forwarding you the details of the address for the rehearsals and hope you will attend.

Joe 90 hits send and then stands by a pad, that looks like a transporter pad from Star trek Original series.

Fade out:

Fade in:

Scene: We see Michael Caine walk up to and old factory building and two large wooden doors, with a smaller door inset inside the right hand door. Michael Caine knocks the small door which gently swings open. Michael Caine steps inside.


Scene: We see an old factory building, michael Caine stands by the factory doors, he looks around, in the far corner we see a table and a small set, Michael heads over towards the table/set.


scene: old Joe 90 set

Joe 90: Well Done sir Michael, just a little closer

Joe 90 pulls a big lever and the “Transporter like” machine whirrs into action, humming and glowing, and Joe 90 is free! We see now michael Caine as a puppet, trapped in Joe 90’s laboratory, shocked and bemused.


Scene: we see Joe 90 in Human form walk, over to the table set.

Joe 90: I am Sorry Sir michael, but I needed my freedom, I’ll make sure you are properly looked after, better than I was, and don’t worry I have plenty of adventures planned for you.
Joe 90 heads off towards the factory doors whilst a small puppet michael Caine shouts and curses for him to come back and not leave him like this.