What Computer

I want a computer, but what to get?

I want a computer that can readily attach to;

an old pc monitor

a modern tv

I would like a nice keyboard;

I have a bluetooth keyboard

I would dearly love to use my old Apple Mac ADB keyboard, I did have an ADB to USB bridge, but it broke when I tried to use it with my Raspberry Pi 😦

I have a Raspberry Pi, not sure if it is working.

I like using android os

I wouldn’t mind trying Googcle Chrome os.

I want a small computer, or just something that will plug into my tv and be out of site, a keyboard can be attached ad-hoc.

I found my Raspberry Pi, well, I couldn’t figure how to get sound, I’m not in love with Linux & failed to get anything useful from RiscOS.

Computer interfaces devices

They made the “Qwerty” keyboard because people were too fast at typing, and the hammers would get mashed!

I learnt to type at school, on big olde typewriter, and they sent me to a college to learn computers… we learnt on BBC Basic computers ;P

I would have a nice keyboard that strapped to my arm if I could, touch screen is a bit blearghhhh, Mouse is tedious, trackpad and trackball too…

What’s wrong with “Alt” and arrow keys!!! hehe, and I lurve, Tab Tab, Tab through menu option screens… & “Hot keys”!!! Hot Keys are so cool.

Touch screen hurts my fingers after a while… but sometimes… mobile phone in one hand, ps3 in the other hand!!! I neede to use my pointy nose on the touch screen!!!!!


Are you transgender? Just how do you know?

Thank you 🙂


When you grow up you will be a transgender guy, but for now, pretend to be a girl (Picture: Daylife)

Not long after I came out as trans I found myself having a conversation with my granny in which I had to explain why some women are happy living their lives as butch lesbians and why others feel that they need to transition from female to male.
I had to tell this then-78 year-old woman about the difference between sexuality and gender at a time when I was only truly trying to get a grip on it all myself.
So how do you know if you are a man or a woman or one of the other thousands of gender variants that lie outside the binary?

It’s tempting at this point to just say ‘you just do’ because that would be a perfectly reasonable and acceptable answer, but it helps…

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