Gas Mask Doctor

Just me Taking pics of me in Doctor’s costume with a gas mask 🙂

ECP_00203 ECP_00202 ECP_00201 ECP_00200 ECP_00199 ECP_00198 ECP_00197 ECP_00196 ECP_00195 ECP_00194 ECP_00193 ECP_00192 ECP_00191 ECP_00190 ECP_00189 ECP_00188 ECP_00187 ECP_00186 ECP_00185 ECP_00184 ECP_00183 ECP_00182 ECP_00181 ECP_00180 ECP_00179 ECP_00178 ECP_00177 ECP_00176 ECP_00175 ECP_00174 ECP_00173 ECP_00172 ECP_00171 ECP_00170 ECP_00169 ECP_00168 ECP_00167 ECP_00166 ECP_00165 ECP_00164 ECP_00163 ECP_00162 ECP_00161 ECP_00160 ECP_00159 ECP_00158 ECP_00157 ECP_00156 ECP_00155 ECP_00154 ECP_00153 ECP_00152 ECP_00151 ECP_00150 ECP_00149 ECP_00148 ECP_00147 ECP_00146 ECP_00145 ECP_00144 ECP_00143 ECP_00142 ECP_00141 ECP_00140 ECP_00139 ECP_00138 ECP_00137 ECP_00136 ECP_00135 ECP_00134 ECP_00133 ECP_00132 ECP_00131 ECP_00130 ECP_00129 ECP_00128 ECP_00127 ECP_00126 ECP_00125 ECP_00124 ECP_00123 ECP_00122 ECP_00121 ECP_00120 ECP_00119

& just to include the whole sorry truth, I then have to do the ironing;



Adobe Flash poem

adobe flash adobe flash
makes my winxp computer crash
always wanting to be updated
never anything useful, just tediously boastful & over inflated
It will not work with my Android phone!?
Nor with my Playstation, but do I moan
I’d rather live without it, in all honesty
Adobe is moody, selfish cantankerous olde world idealist software
Death to Adobe flash & in no way ceromoniously nor honarary